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Vom Blauberge | Working Line German Shepherds

We are a dedicated small-scale breeding program focused on improving the German Shepherd breed. Prior to establishing our program, we invested numerous years in thorough research and meticulous selection of bloodlines to establish a strong foundation for our breeding stock. With over a decade of experience in dog training, we've developed the expertise to distinguish dogs with exemplary character from those potentially carrying behavioral issues. Recognizing the pivotal role genetics play in behavior, we meticulously choose only the finest specimens to integrate into our breeding program. Our beloved breed often faces challenges with behavioral issues, which we aim to mitigate through informed and selective breeding practices.

Specializing in working line German Shepherds, each member of our breeding stock boasts impressive titles and undergoes rigorous health testing before being selected for breeding. Our focus extends beyond just physical traits; we aim to nurture stable, healthy, and

well-rounded dogs that meet the German Shepherd breed standard. We prioritize balanced traits over extremes, ensuring the longevity and versatility of our beloved breed. Since breeding program focuses on working characteristics puppies from our program are bred to excel in working venues such as search and rescue, police k9, personal protection, service work, and dog sports.

When you bring home one of our puppies, you're not just gaining a new family member/working partner; you're also receiving peace of mind. All puppies come with a comprehensive 2-year guarantee for their hips and elbows, reflecting our commitment to their well-being. 

Purchasing a puppy from us means that we will also be there as a resource to support you and your puppy throughout their lifetime. If any unforeseen circumstances come up in life to where your pup needs a new home, we will be there to help. We never want any of our dogs to end up in a shelter, and will always take them back.

Updates and photos are on our Facebook page

Upcoming Litter

Ike x Reagan.png

Expecting solid black & black and tan

Puppies Expected: Early June 2024


SG Little Jana Vom Haus Schair IGP1 KKL

AKA "Reagan"

Hips: OFA Good; SV Normal

Elbows: OFA Normal; SV Normal

HD ZW Score: 72

Spine: LUW-1

Dentition: Complete Scissor

DM: Carrier (Embark, DDC)
Embark is clear of all other issues

TSB: Pronounced


Reagan is a solid black, medium-sized muscular female with a social, gregarious personality. She is athletic and social - posessing excellent working capabilities. Reagan has completed all necessary health testing, and is titled in the sport IGP (also known as "schutzhund"). She lives in our home and is also my competition dog. Reagan has been titled to IGP1, we plan on complete our IGP2 & IGP3 in the next year.


She is a high energy, driven dog with full, crushing grips with every bite. Reagan is incredibly fast and powerful in her pursuit of the helper and has clean outs. Reagan has no handler aggression, and is both biddable and intelligent.


She is not aggressive or reactive  to dogs or people. She is not of an anxious personality. Taking her to the vet is very easy and so is routine grooming. She is a pleasurable dog to live with, work, and take on adventures. When not working or playing, she is able to "turn of" and settle nicely in the home with other dogs.


SG Ike vom Haus Schair IGP3 KKL

AKA "Ike"


Ike is owned by Rick Schair. He is an exceptional dog that we have the privilege of using as stud. Please click the link above to learn more about Ike straight from Rick's website.

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