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High Quality

Board & Train 

Packages to reach your goals


Obedience training not only can make life more pleasant for you and your dog; but it can also save their life.

We can help with:





•Pulling on leash

•Basic-Advanced Obedience

•Off-Leash Obedience

•Puppy Imprinting 

& More!


Do you want to take your dog to the next level? Or do you want to have fun with your dog through new challenges and games?


We offer:


•Therapy Dog Training

•Mobility Service Dog Task Training


•Competitive Tracking

•Competitive Scent Detection

•Competitive Obedience (AKC/IGP)


Some dogs need more guidance through the journey of life. Helping dogs with behavioral issues is something we are very passionate about.


We have experience rehabilitating behavioral issues such as:






•Resource Guarding

•Reactivity toward dogs and Humans


Board and train packages



While we have standard packages, we are able to customize our program based on the individual needs of each dog/owner. During the time your dog stays with us, they are treated as a member of our family and given the best quality care. This includes bathing, exercise, playtime, snuggling, and of course training. We will also take your dog on off-site outings to help strengthen their newfound knowledge in different environments and properly socialize them.

A 2-week minimum is required as it usually takes a few days for your dog to adjust and become comfortable. We also have to teach your dog the foundation to communicate with humans which consists of markers, engagement, and bonding.

During your  pups stay, we require you to visit at least 2 times. During these visits, you are trained to understand your pups newknowledge and to help you understand how to properly use equipment.

Each week of training you purchase comes with 1 private lesson in addition to a go-home lesson. For Example, if your dog stays for 2 weeks, you will get a go-home lesson along with 2 private lessons to redeem in the future. This ensures that we are training both the dog and the owner, and the transition back home is going smoothly.


Commands Taught:

While we are flexible with the owner on what is taught during any of the programs, the following is our standard list of commands:

Markers: "Yes" (reward marker), "No"(corrective marker), "Free"( release marker)




•"Heel" (left side)


•"Leave it" & "Get it"


•"Up" & "Off"

As well as:


•Proper socialization with dogs, humans, and new environments.

•Basic manners such as no jumping, sitting at doors, mouthing, excessive barking, or any other issues requested.

Every dog learns at their own pace, some dogs need more than 2 weeks, others need 3, 4, or more depending on your goals & dog's personality.

2-Week Basic Obedience Package

Minimum age requirement: 16 weeks (4 Months)




This program is great dogs that need a jumpstart on training learning our list of standard commands at a basic level. This program will teach the basics on the leash and under low distractions.

Package Includes:

•Standard List of Commands

•Socialization with other dogs, people, and envirnments.

•x2 Lessons/Visit during your dog's stay

•1 - Go home Lesson at pickup

•x2 Lesson after going home; redeemed at your convenience

***Package price does not include any equipment***

Board & Train

Complete Puppy Package 

Minimum age requirement: 16 weeks (4 Months)

Do you have a new puppy and your goal is to have a well-trained, socialized dog that listens and has good manners? Our puppy package is designed to address training during critical times in your dog's development. We like to split this program into 2, 2-week board and trains. This way, we are taking advantage of key moments in your dog's development. By the end of the program, you will have a well-mannered pup that is off-leash reliable.


Package Includes:

•Socialization with other dogs, people, and places.

•At least 2 visits/lessons while your pup is with us per board and train cycle

•Standard list of commands - off leash after second board and train cycle

• x2, 2-week board and trains split up a few months apart (We typically do the first cycle at

16 weeks old, then another between 6-8 months old.)

•On-Leash Training Collar with first board and train cycle

•Off-leash Training Collar (Educator E-collar) with second board and train cycle

•x2 follow-up lessons after first board and train

*x2 follow-up lessons after second board and train





Meta demonstrating skills she learned during her stay.

A demonstration of our training style with puppies.

3 - Week Rehabilitation Package

Minimum age requirement: 6 Months


Does your dog have reactivity, aggression, fearfulness, or any other problematic behaviors? This is the package for you! Keep in mind, that while these behaviors cannot be completely "fixed" during their stay, this program will help you get started in the right direction.

Your dog will learn everything in our standard package, along with any other requested behaviors that will help your dog with behavioral issues. 

We have worked with some serious cases that involve bite history with great success.



Package Includes:

•Extensive socialization with dogs, people, and environments.

•4-Lessons/visits during their stay,

•A Lesson at Pick-up,

•2-Private Lessons after going home

***Package does not include any training equipment as each dog requires different tools for their issues***





4 - Week Off-Leash Freedom Package 

Minimum age requirement: 6 Months

The ultimate training program! Enjoy life hiking, swimming, playing, and around the house with your dog while having off-leash control. 

we feel that every dog deserves to have the freedom to run and get the most out of life while still being 

safe and under control. All dogs that go through off-leash training have behaviors/commands

they have learned reinforced with a high-quality e-collar for their safety.

Package includes:

•up to 6-Lessons/visits during their stay,

•Socialization with other dogs, people, and places.

•Standard list of commands - off-leash reliable

•On-Leash Training Collar

•Off-leash Training Collar (Educator E-collar)

•x4 follow-up lessons






Custom Performance Packages

Duration: Varies

Minimum age requirement: Varies

Are you looking to train your dog for mobility support, Schutzhund/IPO/IGP, tricks, tracking, frisbee, competition obedience, or scent detection? We are experts in these areas of training and can help properly train behaviors to teach your dog the job! Dogs love to work and were originally created to do various tasks to assist humans.  Let us help you give your dog a job, and allow your dog to achieve biological fulfillment!

We are selective with what dogs we allow to enroll in this program and need to schedule a consultation to evaluate your dog's personality, drive, and stability. Not every dog has what it takes to make a good working or competition dog.

Perhaps you don't have a dog but are wanting to hire us to select and train a good working dog. We can help you in your search and then enroll a good candidate in our program.

Ready to sign up?

We require an $850 to reserve a spot

Our Board & Train is very popular and successful. We are able to achieve great results by taking in limited numbers of dogs at a time. For this reason, spots become reserved quickly and we are booked up months ahead of time.

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