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Question: "What makes Spirited K9 different than other dog trainers?"

Answer: At Spirited K9, we utilize a balanced approach adjusted to each dog and owner. Many trainers choose to limit techniques based on their training methodology, or what tools they are willing/educated on using. Spirited K9 has been professionally trained and certified to use a wide variety of tools and techniques. We are dedicated to what is best for you and your dog's individual situation. We use positive reinforcement while also stopping unwanted behaviors without the use of harsh punishment. We do not use any tools or methods that can cause lasting physical/emotional harm to your dog. Other trainers also will refuse to take aggressive dogs due to a lack of experience or unwillingness to alter their approach to help these cases. 


Due to taking fewer clients at a time, we are also able to put more time into each dog and owner. This means we are able to take dogs on outings in the real world so that they can generalize their newfound knowledge. Most facilities will only train in house, making it so that your dog thinks that the rules only apply at the facility. Many other facilities also offer boarding, daycare, and grooming. Through offering these services to the general public, many trainers/facilities find themselves overwhelmed due to the number of dogs they have and have less time to focus on the quality of their dog's training. Spirited K9 only focuses on dog training. This allows us to be masters at our trade and maintain high-quality training. 


Additionally, our business is based in a home. Client dogs stay in a separate house on our property but are able to relax and snuggle with us as members of our family. This helps mimic a home environment as most facilities keep dogs in a kennel-like atmosphere which is very different from home, making it hard to replicate certain issues as it can be stressful for your dog.

Question: "How many Dogs do you take for board & train at a time?"

Answer:  Spirited K9 is committed to quality over quantity. Over the years, we have worked at many facilities, some smaller others being high volume. Through our experience, have found that the maximum number of dogs to work with at one time is 6 dogs. This enables us to give high-quality training to each dog and to take care of their medical and emotional needs.

Question: "Is a board & train enough time to fix my dog?"

Answer: No. It takes time to develop long-term habits and behavior changes in all dogs. While we can't "fix" your dog we will get them on the right path through teaching a clear communication system and start creating new, favorable habits. Going through this process makes it significantly easier for the owner to reach training goals than through other formats. During your dog's stay, we will significantly increase reliability with favorable behaviors, while decreasing the likelihood of unwanted behaviors happening. We will GREATLY improve your dog's situation, it takes time and consistency from the owner after the dog goes home for training to truly stick long-term.

Question: "Is training guaranteed?"

Answer: No, as we cannot guarantee that you or your family members will keep up with the training on the dog. However, in the rare and unfortunate situation that you are unsatisfied with any of our programs, we will handle this on case-by-case bases to make things right.

Question: "My dog has never been boarded. Will he/she be comfortable?"

Answer:  Yes, though there is a 24-48 hour adjustment period however, this can range depending on each dog. Dogs are very adaptable creatures and will adjust to their home away from home. To help make the transition smooth for all of our client dogs, we board them in a home-like environment.

Question: "I am sure you can train my dog, but what about training me?"

Answer:  If you choose a board and train option, you get a 1-go home lesson along with a private (1 hour) lesson with each week you purchase. So, for example, if you purchase 4 weeks of training you ger 4 private lessons. This ensures that we are properly training the client with the new knowledge your dog has. Additionally, we offer (and encourage) visits during the time that your dog is at our facility. During these visits, we are able to do training sessions with you and your dog for further education on how the training process works. We will also allow you to practice and give us feedback on his/her's progress,

Question: "How will I be sure that my dog is being well cared for?"

Answer: As pet owners, our dog's health, safety, and mental well-being is a major priority when selecting any type of pet service. Spirited K9 holds ourselves to a gold standard during your pets stay. Upon arrival, your pet will be properly bathed and their nails trimmed. Any excess tarter on teeth will be cleaned to the best of our ability. Along with training, we will incorporate one-on-one play as well as group play to make sure they are properly stimulated. We do tours of where your pet will stay and will address any concerns you have to ensure that the owner has a peace-of-mind upon drop off. While you are not here 24/7 to make sure that your pet is taken care of, we allow visits up to 2x times a week (must be scheduled) to make sure that you are happy with your pet's health and care. Since we only take up to 5 dogs at a time, we are able to give your pup the one-on-one attention they deserve. We find that health and state-of-mind are major factors when it comes to retaining any type of knowledge, for this reason, we must keep them healthy and happy!

Question: "How long/how often is my dog being trained during their stay?

Answer: From the moment your dog is dropped off to the time you pick them up, your dog is being trained. Every interaction we have with your dog is a training opportunity as your dog is always learning. 

Question: "Why do you board dogs in crates rather than large kennels/runs?"

Answer: Through our education and experience, we have found that large kennels/runs can encourage behavioral issues such as anxiety, pacing , jumping, potty accidents, and excessive barking. Dogs are naturally denning animals, this means that they are more comfortable relaxing in smaller places. We understand the pet owners are concerned with their dog getting enough stimulation throughout the day as they do not want their beloved family member just sitting in a crate. For this reason, we interact and exercise our client's pet more than those facilities that have kennels.

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